Working height (According to the reconstructed machine) 1000 mm
Maximum cut band width (According to the reconstructed machine 1100 mm
Band width (according to material) 0,3 + 4 mm
Maximum cutting force 30kN
Electrical voltage 3 x 400/230 V, 50 Hz
Power input 5 kVA


The cutting machine is used for the transverse cutting of thermoplastic plates in their production by means of extrusion or rolling. They can be used also for a separate cutting in the case of the plate manual loading.


The machine was originally equipped with the electric motor with a flywheel, gearbox, and electromagnetic clutch. The mechanical parts had to be replaced for their considerable wear and tear. However, instead of replacement, they have been reconstructed by replacing the original drive unit with a system with a positional servomechanism. Therefore, only the shaft with a cam and draw bars for the movement of a moveable bed have remained out of the original mechanical system. The machine is equipped with an incremental sensor of length and a counter with preselection for entering the required lengths of plates. The cutting is automatic after reaching the set value; the counter is set to zero and measures another length. In the case of the manual control, the operating personnel activate the cutting operations using the switchboard buttons.


The cutting machine includes the parts which are not subject to wear and tear, such as the machine frame, shaft with cams, and the cutting blades carriers. The new drive system is reliable and increases the precision of the length dimension of the divided plates. The reconstruction saves the operating resources previously expended on the regular adjustment of the machine.


1 ) Changes in technical parameters reserved.

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