DOPLŇKY - Zaklapávačka profilů ZP 02


ACCESSORY OF LINES - Machine for snapping of profiles ZP 02

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Dimensions of the machine (LxWxH) 630 x 200 x 180 mm
Weight 21 kg
Passing profile 15 x 15 mm (Boren IKEA)
Feeding rate 12,5 m.min-1
Power supply 3 x 400 V, 50 Hz
Power demand 0,37 kVA


The equipment is designed for motorised coupling _ snapping of two manufactured independent profiles, for covering of corner joints, into a single dispatched joined unit.


Coupling – snapping of both profiles occurs by gradual, principally vertical sliding of the upper profile into the lower profile. The coupled profiles are, after preliminary snapping of input parts of both profiles by the operator, loaded onto a driven belt (toothed belt with adhesive surface layer) with guiding of the profile. Gradual sliding of the upper profile is ensured by adjustable freely rotating pulleys.


Sawing of working time with manual coupling – snapping of two profiles into a single dispatched unit with guarantee of coupling along the entire lengths of profiles.


1 ) Changes in technical parameters reserved.

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